VMware View Must Reads!!!

If you need a quick primer on VMware View, you must read VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions, by Written by VMware experts Jason Langone and Andre Leibovici, as well as Building End-User Computing Solutions with VMware View, by Mike Laverick and Barry Coombs. The two books, plus the VMware View pdfs have been an immense help in getting our project off the ground. As the Lead on the View implementation, I had to get smart on View quickly, and these two publications have saved the day. Must reads!!!
Also waiting on VMware View 5: Building a Successful Virtual Desktop.



One response to “VMware View Must Reads!!!

  1. Hey Miguel!

    I’ve been impressed with VMware press so far. I hope they’ll do a good job releasing books based on the current technology. I’ve picked up Mike Laverick’s SRM 5 book as well as Mostafa Khalil’s (sp?) Storage Design and Implementation for vSphere 5. I was fortunate enough to win a copy of Managing and Optimizing vSphere 5 – all VMware press. Thanks for the testimony regarding View references. I’ll add them to my list as the company will be exploring View in the short-term.

    Happy virtualizing!



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