Symantec and VMware View 5.1 Integration….It works!!!

We have been working on our roll out of View 5.1 using linked clones and were trying determine our AV solution. We are currently a Symantec shop, and were thinking of using the vShield Endpoint with the reported Symantec Plug-in, but at this moment that plug-in does not exist. After much research on the forms and different blogs, I did find referenced to Registry modifications from the “ThatsMyView” blog , but I found a reference to someone using Symantec 11.0.5 and View linked clones without issue on the VMware forums (

The bottom line is that using linked clones and Symantec 11.0.6, and using VMware’s Quickprep does work in our enviroment. We checked out the Symantec console and each linked clone did have a unique and individual identifier.

Also explained in “ThatsMy View” is the difference between Microsoft Sysprep and VMware’s Quickprep. If you are using linked clones, use Quickprep, as it seems to work well in our environment.

I will be following up with using the Content Based Read Cache (CBRC) feature on VMware View, and some experiences with the ThinApp 4.7 Virtualization Packager soon.

VMware View is another animal and it takes a different approach on design and architecture. It does stretch you a bit:)

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